Friends For Life With The … TYMES!

Over the years I have been blessed with the friendships I made singing. One of my favorite memories was the day I met my friend, Albert “Ceasar” Berry of the original Tymes… let’s reminisce for a moment. Growing up on the Northside, singing on the corner with my cousin “Harpo” and my neighbor “Tic”, our favorite song to sing was “So Much In Love” by the Tymes. Later in life I graduated to singing under the Street light at Halls Grove Schoolyard with my partner in Johnny Angel and the Halos, Gary “Bubba” Daley, his cousin “Danny Boy”, “Russell” and “Bird. Our favorite song to sing was “So Much In Love” again by the Tymes. As our band began to develop, we added that beautiful song to our show list. Now fast forward … twenty years… I was invited to see a show with a group that I admired … the Tymes! The first member of the group that I met that evening was Albert “Ceasar” Berry … we hit it off from the start, it was like we were brothers. I invited Ceasar to come perform with us at the Emerald Room Theater … that was the beginning of a friendship that still keeps us in touch to this very day! From that performance we worked together a lot which lead me to my favorite story with Ceasar. We were doing show at Three Rivers Stadium called “Pittsburgh Thunder”, it was a car show and a racetrack around the stadium. The Show had the Marcels, the Wee Jams, Frankie Ford, the Tymes and us… it was to close out the three-day event. There was a terrible storm that day that flooded the area where the stage was. It eventually stopped but it flooded the electric to the stage. What should we do … the people, were still here and the talent was ready to go on. My friend Ceasar suggested we sing some a cappella right there in the Three Rivers Stadium Parking lot … a showdown … a Street Corner, a cappella showdown … a Philly Meets Da’ Burgh … Doowop Street Corner Spectacular! Challenge was accepted … the cars formed a giant ring around us with the head lights directed to us … it started with each group taking a turn chirpin’ … and then interchanging members from different groups … to this very day, those who stayed for this Street Corner performance say that it was the best, raw show, they have ever witnessed! I talk with Ceasar every few weeks, he always starts with My Brother from Da ‘Burgh. We have watched our children grow up, we have celebrated together, broke bread together and yearn for the day when we can perform together again. By the way, we did sing “So Much In Love” that night … it was like Heaven!

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