Russell Thomkins Jr. … the Stylistics … “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” … The Steals Brothers … what does this have to do with Da ‘Burgh? Let’s start with meeting Russell Thomkins Jr … we met years ago at S.O.S. (Summer of Shag in Myrtle Beach), we talked about mutual friends in the Business and the possibility of working together … so fast forward to last year. My dear old friend, Melvin Steals of the song writing team of Mastro and Lyric (the Steals Brothers who wrote so many soul classics over the years i.e. “Could it Be I’m Falling In Love” for the Spinners), and I were talking in my Museum (Johnny Angels Ginchy Stuff) about the song “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” and the 50th Anniversary of the song. Melvin said he is actually in the studio recording the classic with Legendary singer of the Stylistics, Russell Thompkins Jr. I told him about talking with Russell a few years back. Melvin said, what do you think about doing an Anniversary show in celebration of the landmark release of the original, spotlighting the new release with Russell! Melvin said let’s give him a call with this idea. Well the plan was put together that day. The stage is set with Johnny Angel and the Halos, Jimmie Ross of the Jaggerz and Russell Thompkins Jr. The song has since been released by Russell and the day will soon be announced for the show. When I think about these meetings and how ideas come together, I realize just how small this world is. “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” … a statement … a Soul Classic … several friendships intertwined… the fact that I’ve worked several times with the Spinners, with Melvin Steals and coming up, soon to perform with Russell Thompkins Jr., a new page in the book of a great song in Soul Music History. Could it be I’m Falling in Love … with a song all over again? YEPPER!

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