Trip Back to Conneaut Lake … It’s Rock N’ Roll Baby!

It’s Summertime … take a trip to Conneaut Lake Park, in the Middle of Pennsylvania…It’s Rock n’ Roll Baby! Conneaut Lake Park was the in spot to go if you wanna party and Rock and Roll … especially in the 60’s and 70’s … take it from me, it was Home Away from Home for us. The Cow Shed, American Pie, the historic Ballroom, the outdoor Open Air Concerts facing the Lake … food, dancing, car shows and of course the beer! I remember the first time we played at Conneaut… we were only 16, our first record came out as the Cordells on Steel Town Sound, and we were playing the Historic Cow Shed were great bands from the big band era appeared. It had changed to Rock n’ Roll in the late 50’s and early 60’s and we were performing on the same stage as Music Icons of the past! It was the beginning of what would become our Rock n’ Roll Summertime Home for 4 decades. From the Cow Shed we performed at the Main Ballroom where we set attendance records and the American Pie Club that was so full the lines went out to the Hotel and Outside concerts on the Lake where we appeared with acts like, Jan and Dean, the Box Tops, the Marcels, the Dovells and the Skyliners. It was not only a paradise for adults but an amusement Park with rides for kids, a midway with games and a carnival atmosphere, food vendors, boating, swimming and tug of war and volleyball on the beach! It was a simple time, a time of innocence and a time of good old fun. It was a throwback to Ameriana Culture of fast cars and hot dogs and beach movies at the Drive-In and Apple Pie. It was a place to get away from the worries of the world, the days of hard work, the family escape and a time to relax and let your hair down! The best part of the Summer escape was … a family could afford it! I miss those good old days, I miss the friendships … but I/we will always have the memories … it’s Rock n’ Roll Baby!

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