Dancin’ In The Street … Martha Reeves … Motown ICON

Dancing in the Street … a classic song released this coming week in 1964 … and a classic memory for me! I/we were at Riverview Park Pool, a hot Summer Day here in da ‘Burgh, the smell of suntan oil in the air and a bunch of transistor radios all tuned into the same station … Read more

Bruce Willis, the Temptations and Under the Boardwalk

Bruce Willis, the Temptations and Under the Boardwalk … what do they have in common? Well let’s start with Bruce Willis, one of my favorite actors and entertainers … the Temptations, my all-time Favorite vocal group … Under the Boardwalk, one of my all-time favorite songs … Hmmm … here ya go! In 1987, Bruce … Read more

4th of July weekend…Back To The 50’s!

This day, 21 years ago, let’s go back! July 4th, 2003 … “Back to the 50’s Weekend” … Cascade Park, New Castle, PA! One of my favorite weekends of my musical career … the celebration of our countries Independence… music, food, happy people, old cars, nostalgic setting an old amusement park. July 3rd thru the … Read more

The Jam Band … Man!

What and Who is the Jam Band? Well let’s travel back to the days of my restaurant at PNC Ballpark, in addition to having one of the finer restaurants in da’Burgh we had one of the most popular meeting places for musicians and singers … the Johnny Angel Lounge … Live at Atrias! It all … Read more

Pete Hewlett … we met at West View Park Battle of the Bands!

Pittsburgh has been blessed with talented Musicians, Singers and Bands … today is one of my favorite singers B-Day… Pete Hewlett … one of the most humble and talented entertainers I have ever met! Let’s go back to the day we met … it was the mid 60’s both my group, the Cordells, and Pete’s … Read more

Joey Dee – the Peppermint Twist!

Singer, Dancer, Movie Star … Friend … Joey Dee! Who didn’t Do the Peppermint Twist? Did you ever go to the Peppermint Lounge? Well, as I sit here in my studio reminiscing about my old friend Joey Dee … I look up on the wall at my framed half sheet from the movie … “Hey, … Read more
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