A Day with the Temps N’ Tops

As a young musician I used to dream about what it would have been like to grow up in the same Detroit neighborhood as the Temptations and the Four Tops. I would imagine what it would have been like to spend time with my musical heroes. How Amazing it would be to sit down and pick the brains of Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops or the great Melvin Franklin of the Temptations? Well, pinch me … I’m not dreaming … the years went by and my band was making some noise in the ‘Burgh … we were working with so many of the National Artists that I/we grew up with… and then one day … bang! I’m behind stage having a bite to eat after having our sound check and in the same tent was none other than Levi Stubbs (Tops) and Melvin Franklin (Temps) and we stated talking about the upcoming show. I told them what an honor it is to be working on the same stage as my Soulful childhood heroes. After about a half hour I realized something … they were just regular people, yes, they are Soul Icons, they traveled the world, they made so many people happy, they created music that I/we grew up on … but they were just regular people who had the same dreams and issues in life as I/we do. Levi and Melvin talked to me like we were old childhood friends. I realized that their talents on stage are the same talents they have when sitting down talking like regular people … they had hopes and dreams just as I. After the show, Levi invited me into their dressing room to talk even more as I listened like a musician on a mission, like a sponge I absorbed the dialog. I/we had the honors a few more times during my musical career to work with the Temps and Tops … I even had the opportunity to sing with both groups as a guest at different times. Both Levi and Melvin are gone now and I’m sure they are singing with a Soulful Heavenly Choir … I thank them again for the music, the memories and especially for taking the time to fullfill a childhood dream of mine … “A Day With The Temps N’ Tops!”

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