Mary Wilson … Soul Supreme!

I remember watching the Supremes on TV … the Ed Sullivan Show, the specials with the Temptations and the Four Tops … the classy way they danced … and how beautiful Mary Wilson was! Mary was my favorite Supreme … never did I dream that I would become friends with Mary, sing with her, break bread together and share stories! I actually have a binder with cards, letters, notes, music charts, photos of Mary … memories over the years of our friendship! The first time I sang backup for Mary Wilson was a memory I will never forget … we did a Supremes Medley … Bubba and I with our arms extended as we chirped “Stop, In The Name Of Love” … Mary smiling at us … and at the end of the Medley, Mary said… “Give it up for my singers … these guys can chirp … but they are not as Pretty as My Girls!” I remember that day as we were rehearsing Mary’s Show … Mary was not there … so we called her and she answered … I asked if she wanted to stop by the rehearsal … Mary’s response was … “As soon as I finish shoe shopping with your Wife!” Mary was a beautiful person, inside and out! A few years later we did a show with Mary at the beautiful Hienz Hall, and during the finale and curtain call, Mary, Bubba and I did some harmonies together, recreating the old school gather around the mic and chirp! Another great memory I have of Mary was, one day I was in my Museum showing some young musicians the exhibit I have of Mary Wilson, just then I received a text from Mary with a message to wish me a Happy Fathers Day … we talked about Karma … my showing off Mary’s exhibit and Mary going through her file drawer remembering our performances and the shoe shopping memory … needless to say the young musicians were blown away. I keep that message on my phone … when I look at it … I get a smile on my face! I miss those soulful good old days and especially my friend, Mary Wilson!

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