David Ruffin …Solo

On this day in 1969, former lead singer of the Temptations and Soul Icon, David Ruffin released his first solo record … “My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)”. Was it the beginning or the end of the great David Ruffin? I will never forget the first time I heard … “MY GIRL” … it became my favorite song to this day! Was it the opening guitar/Bass riff? Was it the genius writing of Smokey Robinson? Was it the Soul Driven sound of the Temptations? Or, was it the unforgettable lead voice of David Ruffin? Whatever it was … it was Magic! After hearing “MY GIRL”, the Temptation’s mesmerizing sound and the Soul stirring voice of David Ruffin, I began to listen to any and all sounds from this unbelievable group. The hits kept pouring in, one after the next and then I discovered four more voices from that same group … Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin and Otis Williams! Was there ever a better vocal group? In my opinion … none … some equal but none better! So how could a group this wonderful, this popular and this talented lose one of its main talents in 1969? Was it ego, pressure from cling-ons, greed, stardom, or just the drive to be better? As time went on, the second member of my favorite group left the band, Eddie Kendricks … was he searching for the same golden ring? The Temptations still were my favorite singing group, even with the new replacements … but yet never the same. David went on to record many great classic Soul Sounds but never had the same magic as he did with the Temptations. I do hold one of his later classics in high honors …”Statue of a Fool” … a song he wrote and recorded early in his career as Little David Bush … but later released as the great David Ruffin. As a fan, I wish the departure of David Ruffin would have never happened but as a musician and artist … I can understand and accept. David Ruffin will always be one of my favorite lead singers, the Temptations are still my favorite, all time, singing group! Rest in Peace David Ruffin and thanks for the music and especially for the memories!

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