Joey Dee – the Peppermint Twist!

Singer, Dancer, Movie Star … Friend … Joey Dee! Who didn’t Do the Peppermint Twist? Did you ever go to the Peppermint Lounge? Well, as I sit here in my studio reminiscing about my old friend Joey Dee … I look up on the wall at my framed half sheet from the movie … “Hey, … Read more

Levi Stubbs … Amazing!

To begin today … Happy Heavenly Birthday to the great Levi Stubbs … lead singer of the Four Tops! I have been a fan and in awe of his voice and the Four Tops ever since the first time I heard “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch” on my AM radio! As the Four tops hits were … Read more

A Day with the Marvelettes!

Over the years I’ve worked with so many of my favorite artists whose music formed the soundtrack of my life. Many of the artists and music heroes became friends of mine, we performed together, broke bread together and became part of my musical family. One particular friendship was my friends the Original Marvelettes, and one … Read more

The Cordell’s…Big Gig…Bellevue YMCA!

The year was 1966, our first real band … P.J. Wehrli joins the band. P.J. was a few years older and already had a job working at the YMCA in Bellevue. One day P.J. came to rehearsal with big news, he said I think I can get us a gig at the Bellevue YMCA teen … Read more

Pittsburgh Thunder … Street Corner Harmony

It was a Car Cruise, it was a Drag Strip, it was a Burn Out Competiton, it was a Street Corner Harmony throw down in the Parking Lot of Three Rivers Stadium … but it ended up just another Pittsburgh Historic DooWop Blast! It all started with an event by Triple “J” Productions (three guys … Read more

Nick’s Fat City… it was a Happening Place!

Nick’s Fat City … it was our Happening Place in Da ‘Burgh… right here on Da ‘Sousside. It had a New York feel, it had the atmosphere, the Hip Crowd and some of the best live music in Pittsburgh! Growing up in Pittsburgh as a musician was like being in Paradise… Night Clubs in every … Read more
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