Wa’sup Wednesday: The Movies … what happened???

Mornin’ Ginchers,

Time once again for Wa’sup Wednesday … what happened to the movies???  Here I go trippin’ back to the good old days again when watching a movie was fun, exciting, made you use some of your imagination… I’l expand on that a little later.  I was channel and movie searching recently and saw so many movies that I didn’t even know existed.  Luckily you can click on them and they give you some infoabout the flick and some even have a preview.  After about an hour of this I realized it was easier to go through my DVD collection and pull out a movie that I loved watching and probably watched two dozen times … ones I never tire of.  I try to watch the newer movies but there is too much nudity, sex, violence to the extent of nightmare material, drugs, hate, and they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.  I can’t watch a new movie with my grandkids in fear that I might have to explain too much … or they would have to explain to me … very uncomfortable!  Let me give an example of some movies that I could watch over and over again: The Wizard of Oz, High Noon, Picnic, PT109, Good Neighbor Sam, Blackboard Jungle. American Hotwax and the classic of all classics … “WHITE CHRISTMAS!”  If the Wizard of Oz was made today Dorothy would be high on acid and would take a trip to a land that was … far out man. Do you remember when the Wizard of Oz came on every year when we were growing up and it was like an event.  Mom made the popcorn, dad even bought the good root beer,  “Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer”, you did your chores, took an early shower, put on your jammies and settled down for the flick … all in front of the giant 12″ black and white Philco TV.  Hell I didn’t know the part where Dorthy landed in Oz was in color until I was married and bought our first color TV…far out man!   How about Blackboard Jungle if it were re-done today … the rape scene would be the longest part of the flick, the school would have been shot up and the good guy killed off.  Good Neighbor Sam would definatley have a hot swinging scene with real nudity.  High Noon … the sheriff would have taken a payoff, left town and the badguys woud have their way with his wife.  White Christmas … nope I’m not even gonna go there … they cannot ruin this movie for me .. no re-makes, no updating the content, no trashing a beautiful thing!  Instead, I’m just gonna watch it over, and over, and over, and over again.  Thank GOD for DVD players and discs… what will I do when mine breaks and can’t get another one?  You thought you had me on this question didn’t you … I’ll just pull out my super eight movie projector and show my old Laurel and Hardy and Bowery Boys films on the wall … got’cha!  Till tomorrow, stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can … and, GOD Bless!

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