Wa’sup Wednesday: My backyard … it’s for the birds!

Good afternoon Ginchers,

Wa’sup Wednesday … My backyard … it’s for the birds!  Yep, how many people say they know me?  Hell, I don’t even know me anymore.  This Covid Crap and political pounding have finally taken a toll on me.  Most people remember me as the music guy, the jokester, the party animal, the let’s try something new guy, the travel and see the world and take a cruise guy, the sing at the drop of the hat guy.  Well, these last eight months have changed all of that.  I haven’t sung a note, performed live or even talked music business for more than half a year … that is the longest time away from music since I was a small child.  What on earth am I doing you say?  Paradise … my backyard, the bunnies arriving at 7:00 every night, the Doe and her fawn arriving at 8:00 to clean up what is left over but ahhh … the birds…  Cardinals, finches, Blue birds, wood peckers, sputzy’s, and who can forget the suburban pigeons (Doves).  I have found that the only thing that relaxes me any more is my backyard.  I know how to cook and I love to eat and just recently realized how much I love the wildlife in my yard.  Here is the average day now … no or little TV, no fake sports, no travel, I wish the whole social media format would dry up and go away … how about  … hey Moosch (Mary Lou) what would you like for dinner?  I start cooking early in the afternoon and we eat (mostly outside in the backyard). We clean up and get ready for the arrival of our domestic zoo animals.  But, the real pleasure is feeding our birds.  Living in the city I never realized how many different and beautiful birds live in Pittsburgh.  Then again, I never took the time to sit and look for them.  Now, it is almost like a work of art to watch the different species gathering at the Hunt sanctuary.  I even find myself talking to the birds, bunnies and even the deer … don’t worry, they haven’t answered me yet!  The only part of my old life that still exists is my radio show.  Don’t get me wrong I still love music and I really look forward to Sunday nights to be live on the air but I don’t miss the rat race.  I don’t miss some of the ugliness of the music industry and I definitely don’t miss the hatred going on in the world.  Maybe I’m finally realizing that I’m at the end of a wonderful run and the memories sometimes are just as good as the actual experiences.  My backyard … it’s for the birds … and the bunnies … and the deer  … and me!  Till tomorrow, stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can … and, God Bless!  Oh yeah … and feed the birds!

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