Tune in Tuesday: “Till Death do us Part!”

Good day Ginchers,

Time for Tune In Tuesday … “Till Death Do Us Part!”  Today is a very special day in my life, it’s my 48th Wedding Anniversary, 48 years ago today I married the love of my life, my soul mate, the little girl who lived across the street from me growing up.  I was her family’s paper boy and loved delivering her papers just to get a glimps of the girl of my dreams and I knew in my heart that one day I would marry her.  We have been through so much as a couple, some good some bad.  We traveled the world together and met some of the most wonderful and interesting people.  I do have some regret in our relationship and sometimes wish I could have held my tongue or handled certain incidents differently but the one thing that always stuck in my head was our vows … “To Love and Cheerish, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, rich or poor, to honor and respect,  till death do us part!”  These are not just a bunch of words that one says at a service, this is actually a way of life.  My bride has given me two beautiful, upstanding and respectable children.  Our Children have given us six beautiful and talented grandchildren.  Our family is the most important gift in our lives.  I am blessed with some friends that have stuck with me since childhood and I treasure those friendships but there is one friendship that I work on everyday, one that words cannot describe … the friendship of a life long companion.  Physically, we are not the same people that made those vows 48 years ago but the love I have for her is stronger today than it has ever been.  I thank the good Lord for looking after her and allowing me to spend the rest of my days with the girl of my dreams.  I Love You Moosch!  Till tomorrow, stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can … and, GOD Bless!


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