Pittsburgh Thunder … Street Corner Harmony

It was a Car Cruise, it was a Drag Strip, it was a Burn Out Competiton, it was a Street Corner Harmony throw down in the Parking Lot of Three Rivers Stadium … but it ended up just another Pittsburgh Historic DooWop Blast! It all started with an event by Triple “J” Productions (three guys named John, Gagetta, Walko and Angel). It was a ‘Burgh Weekend at Three Rivers Stadium that featured a Car Cruise in one of the Parking Lots, A Race track around Three Rivers Stadium, a burn out section with flame throwers and a scheduled concerts by the Original Tymes, Frankie Ford (Sea Cruise), Johnny Angel and the Halos with special guests, Fred “Blue Moon” Johnson of the Marcels, members of the Four Dots and Bill Dell and the Wee Jams. Unfortunately, the evening of the concert was canceled due to a horrible downpour and Thunderstorm (no pun intended) … that flooded the electrical system and lighting in the Lot where the stage and concert was to take place. For safety reasons the concert was cancelled. The Three John’s said is there any chance the groups could sing some a cappella, street corner, without a Sound System … the people and cars that were still in the lot stuck around … they formed a giant circle in the lot an put on their head lights. My dear friend Cesare Berry of the Original Tymes, said “how about a throwdown … Philly meets the ‘Burgh … street corner style”…. challenge accepted! Those that stayed had an experience of a lifetime as all of the singers took turns singing a cappella and eventually broke off into interchangeable groups of Tymes, Frankie, Fred, Wee Jams and Halos… it went on for over an hour until someone suggested we continue at my Restaurant, Atrias, at PNC Park … challenge accepted! As the limos with our artists pulled up in front of Atria’s… the singing stared all over again right on the sidewalk in front of the Restaurant for a good half hour until we went inside to sing on the stage … we again all took turns singing a cappella, Street Corner, DooWop until we closed for the night! Many people, who followed us to Atria’s said … it was the best concert they have ever attended. It was raw, it was a flashback to days of old, it was a bunch of old kids reliving their days where it all began. Because of the Thunder … Pittsburgh Thunder … the Street Corner Harmony, turned into a Pittsburgh Historic DooWop Blast!

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