Nick’s Fat City… it was a Happening Place!

Nick’s Fat City … it was our Happening Place in Da ‘Burgh… right here on Da ‘Sousside. It had a New York feel, it had the atmosphere, the Hip Crowd and some of the best live music in Pittsburgh! Growing up in Pittsburgh as a musician was like being in Paradise… Night Clubs in every neighborhood, and in many areas, like the Rt. 51 stretch, had live music almost every night of the week. Downtown Pittsburgh had clubs everywhere like the Staircase, Harper’s Attic, The Quo Vatis, the Grapevine, just to mention a few. But then we hit a dry spell with clubs and places to play … there were now dance clubs and Hotels and Disco and DJ’s were pushing out the live bands. However, in 1992 there was an explosion on the South Side … Bob Pessolano announced that he will be opening a new Club on Carson Street … Nick’s Fat City. A place that will be honoring Pittsburgh Musical Talent … an Entertainment Complex Showcase. Opening night was like a scene out of a Hollywood movie, lines down Carson Street, the Police set up barricades on surrounding streets. The attire was everything from Business Suits to Funky hipsters standing elbow to elbow. Pittsburgh celebrities and well-known musicians were among the Crowd. The Legendary Porky Chedwick made the scene and laid one of his Porcism quotes… “What’s happening here tonight, it’s beyond my comprehension that Pittsburgh could ever conceive something like this … it’s groovy!” The inside of Nick’s Fat City was decorated with Pittsburgh Famous Celebrity guitars, and drumheads, photos and memorabilia. A five foot high stage with a wraparound balcony overlooking the dance floor … and speaking of the dance floor there were granite and brass stars honoring Pittsburgh Groups and Artists like; Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners, The Vogues, The Jaggerz, The Marcels, the Racket Squad, the Ignighters, Pure Gold, Johnny Angel and the Halos and the list goes on throughout the facility. A special opening night all-star band performed featuring artists like Joe Greshecky, Pete Hewlett, B.E. Taylor, Frank Czuri and Rick Witkowski … just to mention a few. It was a huge success and we performed there a few times along with most of the well known names of Pittsburgh Music. Unfortunately, Nick’s Fat City is no longer there, and Pittsburgh went through another dry spell for clubs and live music and then we were hit with a pandemic that just about killed live entertainment. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel … since than there is a resurgence of venues featuring live entertainment in Da Burgh… even small venues are featuring live entertainment again. Pittsburgh has always been deep in great entertainers, singers and musicians and there is a new generation of great talent showing the world their gift of music! Help keep the Pittsburgh Music Legacy alive … SUPORT LIVE MUSIC! And in closing thanks to Bob Pessolano for his gift to the ‘Burgh … Nick’s Fat City!

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