National DJ Day!

What is National DJ Day? Better Yet, what is a DJ? A person who spins records? Well, sort of? Here is my definition of a real DJ! One who creates a memory by sharing music. One who verbally paints pictures in your mind through hearing. One who tells stories that interests others. One who teaches those who want to learn. One who is dedicated to sharing. One who searches for those who cannot. Okay you get the picture! Do remember your favorite jock from your days of going to dances, or playing the radio? Does one particular jock come to mind? They were once plentiful across the country, across the world, maybe across the Universe depending on how far you search. Do the names Moondog, Jack the Rapper, Martha Jean the Queen, Cousin Brucie, The Geeter, Woo Woo Ginsburg, Mad Mike, the Wolfman, Daddy DooWop and in my case the Daddio of the Radio Porky Chedwick ring a bell? As I get older I find myself reminiscing more of the good times gone by and treasure the good things of the past like buying my first transistor radio with an ear piece, the first record I bought with my own paper route money, the first real kiss I experienced with a music memory playing in my ear. Do you remember your first car and the back seat memories with your favorite song echoing through your brain. The memories created by those experiences most likely came from a DJ. The true DJ’s do not just play records, anyone with a record player can do that. The true DJ’s create an experience, a memory, an artist who paints a picture on the canvas of your brain. This week I thank those jocks who provided the music of my life’s sound track and the artists who first recorded that beautiful sound. Good night Sweetheart, Good night!

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