My Transistor Radio and Porky Chedwick

Let’s go back to the early 60’s, before the Beatles … I had a paper route on the Northside of Pittsburgh. I didn’t make a lot of money, but I did make enough expendable cash to purchase my first musical instrument … my turquoise transistor radio with an ear plug! My second real musical discovery was hearing for the first time my Mentor and Music Guru … Porky Chedwick, the Dadio of Radio, the Platter Pushing Papa, Pork the Tork! I was now hearing sounds that made my bladder shatter, my liver quiver and my brain insane! He called me the Cool One, well at least I thought he was talking to only me. He used words to enhance the music like “Pound the Boards” and “Blow your Horn” … I he told me where I can get these discs for my very own … Porky’s Dusty Discs and his Golden Gassers. I was hooked and I had to dip into my savings (my Paper Route Money) once again … I was becoming a vinyl junkie! Years later I became a musician, playing this devil music and met my Music Guru (Porky Chedwick) for the first time … he called me Cool One and liked my music! He called me Cool One, I was now convinced that he was really talking to me on the radio! As the years went by, I realized that Porky called everyone Cool One! However, we became friends, and he began traveling with me (us, the band) and taught me things about music and introduced me to radio, which I still am involved to this very day. Later in my life I became a restauranteur and had a beautiful restaurant at the PNC Ball Park, called Atria’s where my musician friends hung out and sang every Thursday night for our DooWop, a cappella nights. Porky was there almost every night. We had his birthday parties there for years and Porky would sit on the stage with us DJ’s and relive his golden days of radio. We took trips together like car cuisses, visits to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (where he was honored), the Vocal Group Hall of Fame (where he was honored), concerts, TV stations, Clubs and special events. One of the highlights was celebrating his 50 years in Radio with a concert at Three Rivers Stadium Headlined by Bo Diddley and Little Richard not to mention over 20 other acts and musicians. Porky was more than a Legendary Dee Jay, he was a true friend and I miss him every day! I have a Music Museum in Pittsburgh called Johnny Angels Ginchy Stuff and Museum where I have an exhibit dedicated to my hero, Porky Chedwick. I have a radio show on internet radio ( … just download the app) called Johnny Angels Heavenly Soul Show and this Sunday night at 8:00 PM (EST) I will be celebrating Porky Chedwick’s Heavenly Birthday. I will be reminiscing all night and playing nuttin’ but Porky Dusty Discs and Golden Gassers. I hope you can join me … git yerself PORKIFIED!

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