James Brown … Give The Drummer Some!

As a Drummer, I listened to every song I could find by James Brown. He was not only the Godfather of Soul but the creator of Funk! The more I listened to James Brown, the more I wanted to play drums and the more I wanted to be SOULIFIED! Drop the needle on a James Brown classic … it accents on the ONE! For those who are not drummers … it’s a classic Soul Pattern. If you watched the James Brown Movie or if you have watched any old James Brown videos, the beat and the rhythms take over your soul. The horn section is a machine like a unit of one playing like a drummer. Now that’s the Music side of James Brown however it was James Brown the man that got me hooked. His life started with hard times, his juvenile life was a disaster, but he rose to the top and went beyond succeeding! For as big as he got, the bigger his heart grew … his love for intercity kids and kids’ in general, his message to not drop out of school, his message to young people to not take drugs. He became a powerful man … he owned radio stations and airplanes, but he never forgot where he came from. Just listen to the music of Michael Jackson, shades of James Brown. Listen or watch Prince, shades of James Brown. He was an innovator, a showman, a dancer and if you stop for a moment to listen to him sing a ballad he was also amazing. Do yourself a favor and google James Brown and Pavarotti singing “It’s a Man’s World” … it is a Masterpiece! If you have the chance to stop by Johnny Angels Ginchy Stuff and Museum, I’ll share some stories of James Brown the man … and see the Christmas Cards he sent to me! I loved the man … and thanks Mr. Brown for giving the Drummer Some!

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