Bruce Willis, the Temptations and Under the Boardwalk

Bruce Willis, the Temptations and Under the Boardwalk … what do they have in common? Well let’s start with Bruce Willis, one of my favorite actors and entertainers … the Temptations, my all-time Favorite vocal group … Under the Boardwalk, one of my all-time favorite songs … Hmmm … here ya go! In 1987, Bruce Willis starred in a TV Movie called “The Return of Bruno” a documentary about a rock singer named Bruno, played by Bruce Willis. At the time Bruce was a very popular Movie Star that showed off his musical talent as well …. you should watch the movie to understand the context I’m speaking of. One of my favorite scenes is Bruce (Bruno) singing one of my favorite songs by a group I have performed with, the Drifters, but my all time favorite vocal group was doing the background vocals for him … THE TEMPTATIONS! Even though Bruce Willis was a Movie Star, he could hold his own as a rock singer … and he plays a pretty mean harmonica later in the flick. The songs from the TV Docu-movie were released as an album on the Motown Record Label … “The Return of Bruno” that was filled with Blues, Rhythm n’ Blues and Soul Music sung by Bruce Willis and backed legendary musicians including Booker T. Jones, the Pointer Sisters and the Temptations. Bruce Willis makes a cool entrance into the Rock Singer Arena .. but with a cast like this it, it shows the brilliance of Bruno (Bruce). From Movie Star to Rock Star, Bruce Willis is one of the greats. Bruce is going through some health issues and has retired from the business … however, his legacy lives on through movies and records. Bruce Willis, the Temptations and Under the Boardwalk … what a trip down memory lane!

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