Wa’sup Wednesday: My backyard … it’s for the birds!

Good afternoon Ginchers, Wa’sup Wednesday … My backyard … it’s for the birds!  Yep, how many people say they know me?  Hell, I don’t even know me anymore.  This Covid Crap and political pounding have finally taken a toll on me.  Most people remember me as the music guy, the jokester, the party animal, the … Read more

Tune in Tuesday: Jerry Lee … the Killer!

Mornin’ Ginchers, It’s Tune in Tuesday … Jerry Lee Lewis … the Killer!  Today is Jerry Lee’s Birthday, born September 29, 1935 in Ferriday, Louisianna.  Known as the “Killer” and described as Rock and Roll’s first Wild Man and defenitly one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll and one of the all time greatest … Read more

Soul Sunday: “In a Mellow Mood … The Temptations!”

Mornin’ Ginchers, Time once again for Soul Sunday … “In a Mellow Mood … the Temptations!”  I have been challenged many times during this covid era to post on facebook my top ten favorite albums.  Well, everytime I attempt to do so I always end up with at least twenty albums and then I sit … Read more

No School Saturday: “Stay … just a little bit longer!”

Mornin’ Ginchers, It’s No School Saturday and time to remenisce about a Saturday lodged in my Memory Banks!   “Stay” … just a little bit longer … what a song, what a group, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs.  That great song charted today back in 1960 … Oh, I remember it well.  “STAY”, was the first … Read more

Feature Friday: Ronnie Haig … Don’cha Hear Me Callin’ Baby!

Mornin’ Ginchers, Are you ready for the week-end?  Well here is another edition of Feature Friday … Ronnie Haig … Don’t cha Hear Me Callin’ Baby?  If you are from the ‘Burgh, if you ever listened to Mad Mike Metro, if you ever went to a West View Danceland Oldies Dance … then you know … Read more

Throw Back Thursday: Birth of the Jimi Hendrix Experience!

Mornin’ Ginchers, It’s Throw Back Thursday once again and today was the Birth of the Jimi Hendrix Experience!  Yep, today back in 1966 the Jimi Hendrix Experience was created with Jimi on guitar & voclas, Noel Redding on Bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums.  While performing as Jimmy James and the Blue Flames, Jimi was … Read more