Friends for Life … in the Beginning … Tea Tournament!

Rockin’ and Rollin’ for nearly Sixty Years … friends for LIFE! I met Pete Hewlett back in the 60’s when we competed against each other in the West View Amusement Park Battle of the Bands … “The Tea Tournament”. Since then, Pete has recorded with many of his Bands … Peter’s Pipers … Sweet Lightning … Read more

David Ruffin …Solo

On this day in 1969, former lead singer of the Temptations and Soul Icon, David Ruffin released his first solo record … “My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)”. Was it the beginning or the end of the great David Ruffin? I will never forget the first time I heard … “MY GIRL” … Read more

Lou Christie, Pgh. DooWop Choir!

Today’s Blog takes me back to DooWop in Da ‘Burgh! Pittsburgh has a great tradition of music talent and a lot of the music began on the street corner, especially with groups like the Skyliners, the Marcels. the Vogues, the Four Dots, the El Venos, the El Capris, the La-Rells and the list goes on. … Read more

James Brown … Give The Drummer Some!

As a Drummer, I listened to every song I could find by James Brown. He was not only the Godfather of Soul but the creator of Funk! The more I listened to James Brown, the more I wanted to play drums and the more I wanted to be SOULIFIED! Drop the needle on a James … Read more

My Transistor Radio and Porky Chedwick

Let’s go back to the early 60’s, before the Beatles … I had a paper route on the Northside of Pittsburgh. I didn’t make a lot of money, but I did make enough expendable cash to purchase my first musical instrument … my turquoise transistor radio with an ear plug! My second real musical discovery … Read more

National DJ Day!

What is National DJ Day? Better Yet, what is a DJ? A person who spins records? Well, sort of? Here is my definition of a real DJ! One who creates a memory by sharing music. One who verbally paints pictures in your mind through hearing. One who tells stories that interests others. One who teaches … Read more