Tune in Tuesday: “Till Death do us Part!”

Good day Ginchers, Time for Tune In Tuesday … “Till Death Do Us Part!”  Today is a very special day in my life, it’s my 48th Wedding Anniversary, 48 years ago today I married the love of my life, my soul mate, the little girl who lived across the street from me growing up.  I … Read more

Wa’sup Wednesday: Ya Jagoff!

Mornin’ Ginchers, Want to know Wa’sup Wednesday?  Ya Jagoff!  Best in the ‘Burgh!  It’s me, Johnny Angel the Dinosaur, the guy who is lost in the 50’s, lives life as if it were still 1962 … talking about high tech, social media and the new way of the world!  That new way of the world … Read more

Mo’ Music Monday: The Chantels and Happy Birthday Arlene Smith!

Good afternoon Ginchers, It’s time for Mo’ Music Monday and the Chantels … with a special Happy Birthday to Arlene Smith.  One of the great girl groups of the 50’s was the Chantels.  They formed in the early 1950’s while attending St. Anthony of Padua School in the Bronx.  The original group consisted of Arlene … Read more

No School Saturday: Dueling Pianos … an Evening of Fun!

Mornin’ Ginchers, It’s No School Saturday … and I have a good plan for those of you who love Saturdays and miss the good old days of going out for some Saturday Night FUN!  Dueling Pianos … under the stars … with friends … with two great musicians and friends … Hermie And Harry!  Where?  … Read more

Feature Friday: Skunks!

Mornin’ Ginchers, Today is Feature Friday and all I have to say is … “SKUNKS!”  Yep, skunks … you probably think I’m gonna talk about someone who has done me wrong or a despicable human … but, nope … I’m talking about those cute little black and white, potentially stinky little creatures.  Let me set … Read more

Throw Back Thursday: The Auction … time to re-invent!

Mornin’ Ginchers, It’s Throw Back Thursday … The Auction … time to re-invent!  As many of you know my Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff and Museum has been going strong for Four Years  however, with all the Covid restrictions and limit to travel, it has been very slow over the past 8 months.  Just like in … Read more