A Day with the Marvelettes!

Over the years I’ve worked with so many of my favorite artists whose music formed the soundtrack of my life. Many of the artists and music heroes became friends of mine, we performed together, broke bread together and became part of my musical family. One particular friendship was my friends the Original Marvelettes, and one special memory was the Marvelettes spending the Day at my home and studio before we performed together that evening. Gladys Horton, Georgeanna Tillman and my dear friend Katherine “Kat” Anderson Schaffner shared stories and memories from their Golden Years at Motown. Kat told me that they were finally recognized with their Gold Record and day of honor in Detroit. We talked about the Pittsburgh connection to Motown and old friend Bob Babbitt, who played bass on many of the Motown hits. The conversation led to me inviting Kat to bring their Gold Record to my restaurant at PNC Park (Atria’s and the Johnny Angel Lounge) to do a special Motown/Marvelettes appreciation day honoring their Gold Record and to tell the Marvelettes Story. Bob Babbitt brought his Bass and did a workshop and the girls talked about the tours and the days at Motown. I decorated the Lounge with a lot of my Motown memories like photos of working with the Temptations, the Spinners, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Martha Reeves of the Vandellas, the Contours and of course the Four Tops. In the middle of the display was the Gold Record of the Marvelettes. We sang a little, ate a lot and partied like it was still the fabulous Soul Sixties. It was such an honor to host a Motown Party in da’Burgh! The girls have gone on to sing in Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven where I pray, we will all meet again. The memories of the Marvelettes live on in my Musem at Johnny Angels Ginchy Stuff and Museum. I have a photo of Kat sitting on my sofa looking at all the albums I have of the Marvelettes when I asked her for the earrings that she is wearing to put in my display case … yep, she gave them to me… and yep, they are on display along with the memories of My Day with the Marvelettes!

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